The Project Team

Dr Philip Garnett from the University of York is the PI on the Hillards Project, and Dr Simon Mollan is a Co-I. A lot of hard work curating the digital database was done by Benjamin Richards. The project would not be possible without the support and help of Mr Peter Hartley CBE.

Dr Philip Garnett is a Lecturer in Operations Management and Business Analytics at the University of York. His research is predominately in the fields of complexity theory, security, and analytics. He also has a strong interest in Business history, and has published papers on the demographics of the British Banking sector. Dr Garnett has a lot of experience with analysis of difficult data sets.

Dr Simon Mollan is a Senior Lecturer in International Business, Strategy, and Management. His research is in the field of business history, has published papers on a number of different topics, including banking, taxation, and international business.

Benjamin Richards has just completed a MSc in Archaeology at the University of York, and is currently considering applying for a PhD.

Mr Peter Hartley CBE is the grandson of the founder of Hillards (then Lion Stores), and was the company chairman at the time of its takeover by Tesco. More can be read about Peter Hartley on the Brief History of Hillards Page, please also visit the charitable work carried out by the Hillards Trust.